Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Palo Verde High School’s 2014 CCSD Star Graduate: Michael Andrew Gonzalez

Outstanding 2014 Graduate Nominee Michael Andrew GonzalezPalo Verde High School nominated Michael Andrew Gonzalez as the Outstanding 2014 Graduate in this year’s Clark County School District Star Student Awards.  Michael has overcome some big obstacles to arrive at this point in his life and we are very proud of what he has accomplished.  In January of Michael’s sophomore year, he was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia.  While in the hospital, his lungs were being drained for fluids and his lungs collapsed.  He was put on a machine to help him breathe, however, the machine prevented the correct amount of circulation of blood to flow to his right leg.  As a result, his right leg was amputated just below the knee.  To make matters worse for Michael, he suffered two strokes causing partial paralysis to the left side of his body and also cognitive delays.  Michael returned to us at the beginning of his junior year in a wheelchair.  He managed to get around but he was determined to walk by the second semester.  Sure enough, Michael was walking with a prosthetic leg and a walker.  Now, Michael walks unassisted.  Michael continues to have a zest for life.  He writes poetry and composes music.  His ambition is to attend the Art Institute of Las Vegas.  Palo Verde High School is very proud to nominate Michael Andrew Gonzalez for recognition as an outstanding graduate. We can only hope to overcome obstacles in our lives the way Michael has in his life.