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Downtown Summerlin Lei Day Parade

Lei Day Parade

May 1, 2023, 6PM

Park Centre Drive

Downtown Summerlin celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the second annual Lei Day Parade on Monday, May 1st at 6 p.m. along Park Centre Drive. The parade will celebrate the rich heritage of the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands and will feature local Halaus and Polynesian Dance Companies including the Nani ola Hawaiian Dance Company, Na hula o kaleiokapualani and the Tevakanui Polynesian Dance Company. The festive parade will include performances such as the Ancient Hula Kahiko accompanied by a chanter who tells the story, the free-flowing modern style of Hula Auana, the passion and pride of the Māori Haka, the rapid hip-shaking movements of the Tahitian Dances and more! Celebrate and share in the Aloha Spirit!

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