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Combined, mega-Realtors Fafie Moore and her daughter, Tanya Murray, have sold real estate in Southern Nevada for more than 57 years.  Long-time Summerlin residents, this mother-daughter powerhouse is responsible for collectively helping hundreds of families find their dream homes – many of them in the very community they, too, call home.

According to Moore, who moved to Las Vegas in 1989 with husband, Jeff, the couple was among Summerlin’s earliest buyers, recognizing the value of a master-planned community from their time living in Phoenix. 

Fafie Moore and Tanya Murray in Pink boas

“Even though Summerlin Parkway was originally considered the ‘road to nowhere,’ we recognized that Summerlin would grow into what it is today – the very best place to live in Southern Nevada,” said Moore.  “Everything here is well planned, from landscaping and amenities to schools and shopping centers. We can walk to Starbucks, to the grocery store, and all our doctors are nearby. Downtown Summerlin is a five-minute drive from home so we can easily enjoy a night out at one of our favorite restaurants or meet friends at Las Vegas Ballpark for a fun evening of baseball and catch-up. From personal experience, it’s easy to sell the Summerlin lifestyle.”  

Speaking of Downtown Summerlin, both Moore and Murray agree it is a game-changer, especially for their out-of-town clients who only know the Strip as a great place to dine and play.  “I always make it a point to take my clients for lunch or a drink at Downtown Summerlin so they can see first-hand just how vibrant and convenient it is,” said Murray.  “When they see the movie theatres, the Ballpark, the department stores and stores like Trader Joe’s, clients better understand the scope of the destination, and it helps them to imagine their life as a Summerlin resident.”   

According to Murray, the beauty of Summerlin is its adaptability to virtually every family unit or lifestyle. “From young families to empty nesters, and everyone in between, Summerlin has a home for every life cycle.  Home buying decisions for families are often influenced by schools, and in Summerlin, there is a school, park and shopping center in nearly every village, not to mention an amazing trail system that runs through the entire community.  As an avid walker, I especially appreciate Summerlin’s plentiful trails.  The community represents master planning at its finest.”

“Summerlin’s natural beauty is another selling point,” said Murray.  “Especially for Californians relocating here from the land of ocean views and lush green landscaping, Summerlin is a pleasant surprise.  They are in awe of the majestic Red Rock mountains, the interesting colorful desert landscapes and the beautifully maintained streetscapes, parks and trails.”

Moore, who has sold real estate through 9/11, the economic downturn of 2008 and now, the coronavirus pandemic, well understands that master-planned communities, by their very nature, are built and designed to better hold their value. “Whether it’s a terrorist attack, war or infectious disease, communities like Summerlin fare better because their boundaries are clear,” she said.  “You know what Summerlin stands for and it’s obvious where it begins and ends because the community is so clean and well-maintained.” 

Both mom and daughter have a long history of chairing the annual “Kick Off Your Heels” fundraiser at TPC Summerlin during the annual PGA TOUR tournament, Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. “You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy this fun event that is headlined each year by our city’s most successful and savvy women, along with inspirational kids from across the country who have been treated at a Shriners Hospital.”

“It’s a beautiful event,” said Murray of the fundraiser on which she and her committee work long hours. “But the opportunity to put it together in my own backyard, makes it even more meaningful.  I love sharing Summerlin with everyone who attends.  A day at TPC Summerlin in the October sunshine amidst a group of charitable women is a window into the community’s heart and soul.”

Fafie Moore and Tanya Murray at Kick Off Your Heels Event
Fafie Moore and Tanya Murray at the Shriners Shriners Hospitals for Children Open “Kick Off Your Heels Event”