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Summerlin® has made environmental preservation and protection a top priority. In celebration of Earth Day, here are a few of the master-planned community’s ongoing efforts to put Earth first.  

  • Did you know Summerlin was one of the valley’s earliest adopters of desert landscaping, helping to improve the public image of low water-use landscapes decades ago and encouraging other developers and builders to do the same.
The Roundabout in The Cliffs Village in Summerlin
  • Did you know Summerlin was the valley’s first community to implement strict Water Smart conservation guidelines that limited turf to backyard play areas only, and the community continues to use and promote desert friendly plant materials whenever and wherever possible.
  • Did you know current projects are removing turf and replacing it with desert landscaping along Summerlin Parkway and at neighborhood entrances, saving millions of gallons of water each year. 
  • Did you know natural landscaping and topography are integrated into the community wherever possible, including natural drainage areas and arroyos that serve dual use for parks and trails.
  • Did you know the master-planned community boasts 200-plus miles of trails that connect neighborhoods to schools, parks and the Clark County regional trail system.
  • Did you know in 2016, Downtown Summerlin® earned LEED Silver Certification status from the U.S. Green Building Council in its Leadership in Energy and Environmental design program. This resulted in a 24.5% reduction in energy consumption and 40% reduction in water use for enhanced water efficiency.
  • Did you know the property has added several electric vehicle charging stations throughout the parking garages to help accommodate the rising demand of electric vehicles that in turn help reduce electric emissions.
Electric Charging Station at Downtown Summerlin
  • Did you know that Downtown Summerlin provides recycling bins throughout the property.
  • Did you know Summerlin continues to plan future high-density projects adding a number of urban residential options, providing a true, pedestrian-friendly and more sustainable urban living experience.