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Showcasing Student Art Throughout the Property This Spring

Downtown Summerlin® is pleased to announce a new partnership with the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), North Las Vegas Campus. The collaboration will showcase select student artwork created to commemorate the bi-annual poster exhibition throughout Downtown Summerlin this spring.

Masterpieces from students in the advanced design course under the student named “Osmosis Motif” featured theme will be on display. Submissions included graphic layout, illustration, mixed media, photography, and typography.

CSN Partnership

“This collaboration with Downtown Summerlin is truly a next level opportunity to share and celebrate the hard work our students put into the arts,” stated Dan McElhattan III, professor, CSN. “We are grateful to The Howard Hughes Corporation and Downtown Summerlin for this tremendous showcase opportunity and are so excited to allow the community to see first-hand a sampling of some of our students great work.”

Stay tuned for the new student exhibitions that will be on display soon at Downtown Summerlin.

Q&A with Dan McElhattan III, professor, CSN

Q: Tell us about the CSN student poster exhibition and why it’s so important to share the arts with patrons in the community at Downtown Summerlin?

A: Graphic design in its fundamental level is a problem solver through visual connection. Its structure and delivery are subjective yet can be disruptive in a greater platform. Graphic design allows us to stop and decode something through admiration or inspiration. What am I looking at? What does this mean? Wow! I love the colors! This Image speaks to me!  This connection with the community of Summerlin opens doors to the talent that attends The College of Southern Nevada. Downtown Summerlin is the perfect community gallery blending opportunity, diversity and inclusion. We are so grateful.

Q: With a seasoned tenure in the arts, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Architecture, writers, musicians and other artists inspire me as do designs of vintage signs from our past and the amazing corporate executives that embrace brands and design in their everyday portfolio. These are a few of the many things that inspire me. Every retail and restaurant partner at Downtown Summerlin embraces design with their seasonal displays, from the restaurants that house great art (chefs included) to the amazing sports activities, retail esthetic has always been an inspiration to my teaching and work. There are select students that have such a natural talent they just need permission to explore it. I enjoy watching the students learn and flourish. As a father, this is the same feeling watching my own children excel. A great gift of being a teacher.

Q: For students interested in getting more involved in CSN’s graphic design program,
what would be your best piece of advice?

Take action. Reach out. Every Poster has a QR code with our website.  Find me on social media at Instagram @ProfM3 or send me an email I would love to start the conversation. Then practice, observe, elevate and practice more!

Q: How many different students will be featured throughout the partnership with DTS?
A: Ironically and literally I can say over 225 student artists! The Osmosis Motif on display highlights
six talented artists and designers, but the QR code on each poster allows you to engage and
see the 15 seasons of our exhibitions through our LINKTREE!

Q: Top tip for how to take in the new exhibition at DTS?

A: Visual art and design is subjective. We hope it creates happiness, inspiration and permission
to communicate. Personally, I love hearing everyone’s opinions on the work even if they don’t relate. The response is key in understanding the social esthetics and psychology of meaning and understanding.

Without reading the description of each poster, start with finding the eye flow (starting point then ending of objects) on the poster. Did you grasp the illustration? Did the illustration sway you to read the typography? Did the typography encapsulate a message or in its approach support the theme? If you feel you understand the theme then read the description, if your idea and the description match, the artist did their job. If you came to a different conclusion… merely the artist needs to explore more pathways to connect and create. This is where we can learn from you as we practice the art of design to grow, connect and inspire more.

CSN Partnership