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Calling All Beer Fans: Get the Skinny on National Beer Day Courtesy of Chris Jacobs, Founder of Beer Zombies

National Beer Day is April 7, 2023. What better way to celebrate than with a nice cold brew. Chris Jacobs, founder of Beer Zombies at Downtown Summerlin®, shares his insights on all thing’s beer.

Q: What beers are trending these days?

We are in a huge resurgence of clean beers right now. It’s time for the pilsners and lagers of the world to shine. The last 3-5 years have been dominated by fruited sours and big hazy IPAs. A lot of the craft beer world is leaning heavy into more drinkable styles. Besides being delicious, pilsners and lagers are social beers with lower alcohol by volume which makes consuming a few with friends or food an easy go-to.

Q: Why did you select DTS for Beer Zombies?

Craft beer has always been about community. This was a big reason why we selected DTS for Beer Zombies. It’s a community and a great avenue to share our passion for beer with Las Vegans. I take a lot of pride and time when selecting the beers to feature. In addition to our constant rotation of guest beers and Beer Zombies Brewing Co beers, I strive to include a wide variety of different breweries and styles. 

Q: Favorite brew?

I have two dessert island beers that are very popular. The first is Rothaus Pils Tannen Zapfle, a classic German Pilsner. A near perfect beer in my opinion. It’s simple, balanced and delicious. The second beer is Cantillon Saint Lamvinus, which is a marriage of wine & beer. Using Merlot and Cabernet-Franc grapes from the Libourne region in France. The grapes are then soaked in Bordeaux barrels containing two- to three-year-old Lambic. It is one of the most glorious liquids ever made.

Chris Jacobs – Beer Zombies

Q: Pale Ale or IPA?

IPA all the way! I prefer a West Coast IPA. Pale Ales have a place and are enjoyed by many, but for me that little extra that an IPA brings to the table is my personal favorite. 

Q: When not at Beer Zombies, where is your go-to at DTS to eat?

My favorite restaurant in Las Vegas is hands down Harlo Steakhouse& Bar. From the moment you walk in, to your final goodbye, they nail every aspect of service along with amazing food and cocktails. 

Q: How many different beers does Beer Zombies have on tap?

The DTS location features 16 beers on draft along with a selection of beers available in cans and bottles.

Q: Best tip for a novice beer drinker?

Drink! You won’t know what you like until you try a good variety of different beers. Go to your local bar or brewery and order a flight to see what you like. Taste is so subjective but also the reason craft beer is so fun. Flavors range widely and there is a beer for everyone.

Beer Zombies Beer Flight

Q: Secret tidbit that most people don’t know about Beer Zombies?

I started Beer Zombies in 2013 as an Instagram page to show my love for craft beer. It was – and is – a passion project that has evolved into an amazing business venture.  My passion continues to grow through traveling, meeting people and continuing to share my love for craft beer. 

Q: Anything special you want to relay or any specials you are offering to help people celebrate National Beer Day?

To celebrate National Beer Day, we are offering happy hour pricing all day on all Beer Zombies Brewing Co brews.