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Fitness on The Lawn (FOTL) is back every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.! Here to share some insights on the must-attend complimentary, outdoor sweat sessions and all things fitness is TruFusion Summerlin instructor, Kristina Blunt.

Kristina Blunt

Q: You are one of the FOTL instructors. What can people expect from the classes you will teach?

People can expect to experience a wide variety of styles of yoga offered from TruFusion’s best teachers. This year we are offering flow classes, VinYin, Yin and Yin with Sound Healing. Sample it all while taking in beautiful sunsets and exquisite views of Red Rock Canyon.

Q: What about the FOTL program is so special/unique?

Connection… Whether that is connecting with community, your body, your breath, or nature. There is something deeply nourishing and healing when we feel a sense of connection to our environment, others, and ourselves.

Q: Let’s talk fitness. What’s the best tip you share with your classes on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

We are walking plants, so get plenty of good quality water, sunshine and move your body to flush out toxins. It doesn’t matter what type of movement (walk, run, yoga, bike, swim, etc.) – just move!

Kristina Blunt

Q: When not in the studio, where’s your go-to at DTS?

Makers & Finders. I love their lavender latte with oat milk…yum!!!!

Q: What’s the best part about teaching FOTL classes outside?

As a teacher, it warms my heart to see people from all backgrounds and walks of life make their way to The Lawn. The best part of teaching FOTL is sharing the healing practice of yoga with so many different types of people. Movement and breath become the universal language that bonds us.

Q: Where at DTS do you shop for the latest fitness gear and kicks?


Q: What’s your favorite FOTL class to teach/take?

I love to take all of them because each teacher is so unique. 

I love teaching Yin. Mellow out with this slow-paced and gentle style of yoga that works with very basic postures to increase mobility, stretch, and invite the practitioner to take a pause from the chaos of life.

Q: When not teaching FOTL, where can people find you to take a class?

I teach a variety of classes at TruFusion at Downtown Summerlin throughout the week. Head over to and find me on the schedule!