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Downtown Summerlin’s newest addition, Paige & Rye, has recently opened under The Pavilion near Banana Republic boasting an assortment of local makers and brands under one roof providing a one-stop for all things clothing, art, jewelry, gifts and more. The founder, Lauren Tieru shares what it takes to be a savvy businesswoman and an active mom of three.

Q: Paige & Rye is now open at DTS! For those not familiar with the brand, what can guests expect from your store? 

We are a “local” boutique with over 40 local makers and curators of jewelry, clothing, candles, home décor and much more. It’s such a unique shopping experience. 

Q: As a working mom, how do you juggle it all? 

Oh, it takes a village, truly. And a lot of wine.

Q: In addition to a shopping boutique, you also offer private event space for classes, parties, etc. Tell us about this unique offering?

I come from an event planning background, so parties come natural to me! I enjoy learning about the retail process and meeting new makers, but I truly enjoy a good event. The space is available to rent out for any type of occasion (baby shower, birthday party, etc.) and we also will host many fun gatherings and events for shoppers. 

Q:  Paige & Rye is a family name — where did it come from?

Paige and Rye are the middle names of my first two children (Bailey Paige & Harrison Rye). After choosing the name, we surprisingly found out about #3 coming. She got a whole room named after her with The Grey Room (Brooklyn Grey). 

Q: Why DTS for your newest store opening? 

There’s no better place to be in Las Vegas than Summerlin! We love the energy, and the customers are so friendly and nice. It’s a perfect fit. 

Q: On the cusp of Mother’s Day, what advice do you give to working moms? 

Do something for yourself. This is my something- I feel accomplished and fulfilled as a businesswoman. 

Q: Tell us about your “work less” mantra? 

In my past career, we used to say work/life balance. But work is also my life- the kids know it as “Mom’s store” and think it’s exciting too. We do a little work, then play and then back to a little more work! It’s all about finding your balance and sticking with it. 

Q: Favorite spot to dine at DTS? 

My husband has worked with Chef Roy Ellamar for years, so we were very excited for Fine Company to open and get to see Chef more often, though the kids would say Shake Shack is their go-to. That’s what we love about DTS, there is literally something for everyone!