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Bonanno’s New York Pizza Kitchen has been a staple in Vegas for over a decade. They craft Artisanal New York Style Pizza by blending old world secrets, New York technique and modern technology for a pizza experience like no other.

The local eatery is now open in its new location — across from the street from its old one on Festival Plaza Drive next to Beer Zombies. 

Here to share a little about the menu, must-try favorites and all things family and food is Robb Bonanno.

Q: Congrats on the new location! What can guests expect at your new spot at DTS? 

Thank you very much! We are excited to bring our Pizza Kitchen concept to DTS.  Our new location has a fresh look and over 50 seats with indoor and patio dining options.  Guests will still enjoy the same pizza they’ve come to love, but now can indulge in our expanded menu.  So much more than a pizzeria- we have appetizers, entrée salads, Italian entrees, pasta, sandwiches, and my daughter’s favorite- fresh to order, hand-breaded chicken tenders. Not to mention our traditional homemade Italian desserts!  Beyond stopping in for a slice, we are now able to accommodate larger parties and a quick casual spot for lunch, dinner or just a snack

Q: Let’s talk pizza. What’s makes Bonanno’s so special? 

We start with the best ingredients and then it comes down to research, development, and science.  We think of our test kitchens almost like a chemistry lab.  We have spent over a decade perfecting our dough.  You’d be surprised how a slight change in the density, rest time of the dough, temperature, flour type, yeast, ratio of ingredients etc. can affect the crust.  We also take environmental factors like humidity, altitude, water, alkalinity and hardness into account. Pair that with the right type of mixers and ovens and you’ve got one heck of a science experiment!  At the end of the day, Americas favorite food is pizza, and we take tremendous pride in giving our guests the best; otherwise, we wouldn’t put our name on it!

Q: This is a family owned and operated business, correct? What generation are we on?

We currently have two generations of family in the business. Both generations founded this brand together and still operate it today. I believe it was 2006 when my father, Frank, and I sat in the MGM Grand Food Court and started conceptualizing our first pizzeria which opened there in 2008. Now we have the pleasure of working with my sisters, Maria and Giovanna, who both joined us in the company over the last few years.

Q: Why DTS for the newest, expanded location of the brand?  We love DTS, our family resides in the area and while DTS has many dining options to choose from, an East coast style family pizzeria appeals to everyone.  Since 2015 we have operated Trattoria Reggiano across the street so when an opening came up to move the pizzeria into a bigger location, it seemed like a great opportunity to create a more exciting offering for local families to enjoy and it would also allow us to expand Trattoria Reggiano into the old space with a new private dining area and an upcoming refresh.

Q: Let’s talk sauce. Why is the Ciao tomato sauce so coveted? Ciao tomato sauce is like an ancient secret. We sought out and imported Ciao specifically because of its rich flavor and alkalinity. It has a very specific PH level that is said to come from the ash of ancient volcanoes that shadow the fields on which the tomatoes are grown today. We love the story and the sauce is no joke. 

Q: Bonanno’s is the sister restaurant to Trattoria Reggiano, also located at DTS. Do the two share menu ideas and inspirations? We have always shared creativity and inspiration between these two brands and several others we own, but we certainly allow each to be unique on their own.  With the separate entities, guests looking for great Italian food have the choice of a quicker, more casual experience or a more upscale fine dining option. 

Q: Favorite part about having not one but two restaurants at DTS? Probably the fact that you just asked that question is my favorite part… Honestly, we always felt we had two restaurants, but when they share a space, it is difficult for one to not overshadow the other. Now we feel that by separating them, we can make each special in its own way! 

Q: If not in the mood for pizza, what other top selling menu items would you recommend? I am so glad you asked, but honestly, I am always in the mood for pizza, especially with a drizzle of Mike’s hot honey and our garlic knot sauce on the crust. However, my non-pizza favorites would be the Eggplant Parmesan sandwich, the Gorgonzola Chicken Salad and the fresh hand breaded chicken tenders. Something else that is unique is an East Coast sandwich from our home state of New Jersey. We aptly named it the “Jersey” and it is my father’s favorite item. eggs, mozzarella, and bell peppers on a hoagie roll… try adding sausage and onions too.