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Meet Glenn Lowrimore, Vice President of Construction for Summerlin.

Glenn Lowrimore, Vice President of Construction.

Current title with Howard Hughes: Vice President of Construction  

Number of years with Howard Hughes: 25 years

Number of years in the industry: 43 years

Describe YOUR role and how it pertains to the community of Summerlin:

I, along with my small but talented team, have overseen construction, development and installation of all infrastructure for 13 completed villages, including Downtown Summerlin, representing 9,000-plus acres (40 percent of the community) over the past 25 years. Our job is to prepare parcels for homebuilders, ensuring both below- and above-ground infrastructure is in place. This includes sewer and water lines, storm drains, gas lines, power, phone and cable lines, roadways, sidewalks, streetlights, traffic signals, landscaping, and amenities including parks, paseos, trails and walls – all the things that aren’t particularly “sexy” but that are essential to a great community!

What is your favorite part of Summerlin?

I was fortunate to be able to purchase a home in Summerlin back in the late 90’s. So being able to raise my family, work, live and play in Summerlin has truly been a great experience.