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Spruce and Aviator are the newest additions to Las Vegas Ballpark. Created expressly to illuminate and celebrate the team’s new aviation-themed moniker, the mascots are a staple of the Ballpark. Ready to meet these two iconic characters? We are too. Time to get up close and personal.

About Spruce:
Originally from Las Vegas, Spruce is a goose who lived in the Bellagio fountain as a gosling. From a very early age, he was involved in “Show Biz,” given that his parents were part of a magic act on the Strip. In his new role as the Aviators’ mascot, he is thrilled to be following in their entertainment footsteps.

One day when he was old enough to migrate, Spruce set off with his family, but quickly realized he wasn’t a great flyer. Looking for a soft landing, he spied the outfield pool at the Las Vegas Ballpark and decided to call it home. His new friends at the Ballpark named him “Spruce” after the Spruce Goose, the unofficial nickname of Howard Hughes’ H-4 Hercules aircraft, which flew just 70 feet above Long Beach Harbor before landing on the water.

Spruce now lives at the Ballpark full-time and dreams of being a great flyer and adventurer like his hero and fellow mascot, Aviator. He’ll do anything to impress him and even dresses like him, but can’t seem to get it quite right. True to Spruce’s roots, he’s a larger-than-life character who is always getting in over his head. His aim in life is to fly again one day and hopefully the Las Vegas Ballpark fans will give him the uplift to get off the ground!

His favorite food is the Hungry Hotshots Kids Meal at Las Vegas Ballpark; and his favorite film is “Top Gun,” of course.

About Aviator:
While Spruce is an open book, Aviator is a bit of a mystery. No one knows exactly where he came from or how he ended up at Las Vegas Ballpark, but his flight suit and gear are really out of this world, suggesting he’s had some pretty fantastic adventures and seen some astonishing places.

Rumor has it Aviator is an ex-pilot once stationed at Nellis Airforce base where he was testing the top secret “Intergalactic Jet Propulsion System” that appears on his flight suit today. He is still engaged in classified missions and, for this reason, he can never reveal his true identity.

Aviator loves helping young flyers to get off the ground and achieve the impossible. So much so, he’s taken Spruce under his wing and will try every trick in the book to get his friend airborne. Aviator is completely focused on Spruce, the team and the fans, and never leaves a squad member behind.

Aviator loves The Hercules hotdog, part of the specialty FlyDog collection served at Las Vegas Ballpark. His favorite movie? “The Aviator,” of course!