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Hundreds of Summerlin residents may recognize Travis Meyer as their favorite “bagger” at Albertson’s on W. Charleston Blvd.  With a friendly face and super helpful approach, Meyer’s Albertson’s shopper “fans” checked in with him weekly, keeping up with his latest achievements at Palo Verde High School as he served them each week.

Travis Meyer Headshot

And there was always lots to talk about for this one-time Albertson’s employee of the month.  Meyer played on Palo Verde’s varsity football team; he was enrolled in multiple Advanced Placement classes, ultimately passing all his AP exams for college credit; he served on the student council; and he was a member of the math and science clubs and the National Honor Society.  Meyer was even a candidate for Palo Verde High School Valedictorian Class of 2020, an achievement featured in a local magazine that caught the attention of many Albertson’s shoppers. 

But there is a really big piece of news that Meyer hasn’t had the chance to share with all those he served at Albertson’s since he left his position there at the urging of his family as the pandemic heated up. 

Drum roll, please! Meyer has been accepted as a cadet at the United State Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs!  With basic cadet training scheduled to start in late June, Meyer’s family wanted to be sure he remained healthy for this amazing opportunity and next chapter of his life.

For Meyer, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.  His father, Anthony, recently retired from a full and adventurous military career as an F16 pilot, flew missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I always thought it was so cool that my Dad continually put his life on the line to protect our country,” said Meyer.  “His path has obviously influenced mine, and I am grateful for his inspiration. I am not planning to follow exactly in my dad’s footsteps and hope to do something with cyberspace and computer science with a military focus.”

Travis & his Father, Anthony

As an Air Force “brat,” Meyer and his family have lived all over the world with two stints in Summerlin. The family counts as home South Carolina, Arizona, Texas, and South Korea. Meyer attended Sig Rogich Middle School in Summerlin before moving to Korea in 9th grade. The family returned to Summerlin the following year, allowing him to attend the same high school for grades 10 through 12. And while graduation from Palo Verde High School 2020 is one for the history books. Meyer is grateful for his time in Summerlin and the sense of community he enjoys here.   

Join us giving Travis Meyer, Palo Verde High School Class of 2020 a shout-out!  Well done, Travis, and congrats on being accepted to the Air Force Academy!  May the force be with you!