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Little Isla Sullivan may not yet be born, but her soon-to-be parents are busy preparing her nursery for her July 2020 arrival and can’t wait to take her on stroller trips to nearby Fox Hill Park. Dad James Sullivan, and Mom Irena Sullivan, are longtime Summerlin residents who met on a blind date in 2015 at Grape Street at Downtown Summerlin. At the time, Irena was preparing to move into her second Summerlin home in The Paseos village, and James was also a community resident.

James and Irena at Mayfair Supper Club

Today, the couple has a bustling household that not only includes preparations for little Isla, but also James’ nine-year-old daughter, Gabby, as well as Irena’s nephew, niece, sister, and mother, who live just down the street.  “Summerlin is all about family, and we can attest to that,” said Irena. “With trails that connect our neighborhood to nearby parks and schools, this is the perfect place for our growing family.”

James makes his living as a sports marketing agent for many leading sports figures, including several Las Vegas Raiders and some of our city’s most popular Vegas Golden Knights, among them Reilly Smith and Ryan Reaves, to name just a few.  James is also the co-founder of the Battle For Vegas celebrity softball game played at the Las Vegas Ballpark, which last year raised $136,000 for charity and featured Reilly, teammates and friends from the Raiders.

James (far right) at Battle For Vegas at Las Vegas Ballpark

“Several Knights have put down roots in Summerlin for all the obvious reasons, including proximity to City National Arena and the community’s stellar quality of life,” said James. “It’s nothing but convenient and easy to live so close to City National Arena and Downtown Summerlin, where several Knights recently partnered with Wolfgang Puck to reimagine the bar and grill to a new sports-themed venue –Wolfgang Puck Players Locker. We can’t wait to spend more time there,” he said.     

For Irena, Downtown Summerlin was a game-changer that gave her back more time for friends and family.  “I no longer had to go to the Strip for make-up, a quick outfit, or birthday gifts,” she said.  “That’s just one of the reasons we love Downtown Summerlin. But if you ask the kids, the parades are the big draw.  From the Halloween and Chinese New Year Parades to the Holiday Parade, Downtown Summerlin is the best. No one does holidays quite like Downtown Summerlin!”

James and Irena, who, along with extended family, are frequent patrons of Las Vegas Aviators games, can’t wait to take little Isla to Las Vegas Ballpark, yet another amenity that helps to make family time so enjoyable and memorable.  

“Summerlin is like baseball and apple pie – all rolled up into one.  It’s hard to beat the community’s signature quality of life,” said Irena.  “With sports and family at the center of our lives, there is no better place for us to be.”  

James daughter Gabby, as well as Irena’s nephew & niece