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Fine Company, the American neighborhood restaurant by celebrated Chef Roy Ellamar, is now open at Downtown Summerlin®! With a mission to transport diners to a place where they can connect to their most comforting and delicious memories, the local eatery is quickly becoming a notable favorite.

Chef Roy shares an inside look on the restaurant, top menu items and his inspiration for venturing off the strip.  

Q: Why DTS for your newest, off-strip venture?

For a long time, I wanted to operate a restaurant off the strip and in the local community. DTS is the perfect location as it is the greatest gathering place for everyone in Las Vegas.

Q: Everyone is talking about your famous banana bread — what’s the secret to making it so delish?

Very ripe bananas, quality ingredients and most importantly, love!

Q: What do you think of the Summerlin community?

I love the Summerlin community and connecting with them through my food has been everything I hoped for. The level of support and repeat guests have shown me that this was the right move and that DTS is the perfect place for us to shine.

Q: When not cooking, what’s your go-to place at DTS to draw inspiration from?

I love sitting on my patio at Fine Company and listening to the water fountain in the arroyo, watching the families walking by and people enjoying each other’s company. It inspires me to want to do more to bring people together and to be thankful for the opportunity to create and be a part of those moments.

Q: Favorite menu item?

Obviously, I love them all, but the one I think about most is the Brown Butter Pancakes with a side of our Housemade Pork Sausage. I love eating sweet and savory things together for breakfast and the pairing of these two bangers are unforgettable!

Q: Best tip for someone who has yet to dine at Fine Company?

Come early, come with a couple people, order different things, and don’t sleep on the cocktails.

Q: Tell us about the must-sip cocktails available during “Fine Time”?

Every month we change our Fine Time bites and cocktails, only available from 2 – 5 PM and are always something specialto me personally. My fave this November is the Bonita Applebum. Besides being named after one of my favorite Tribe Called Quest songs, it perfectly encapsulates the season and my philosophy on food and drinks: highlighting special ingredients from great producers including Bar Hill Gin, Hidden Rose Apples, using familiar, yet unique flavors such as black pepper and curacao, and adding a nod to my own personal heritage and travels like our green apple miso syrup.

Q: The restaurant is family friendly, correct? Can we talk about the Little Bird Kid’s Menu? Yum!

Summerlin is all about families and having a new neighborhood restaurant means embracing the family unit. I wanted to make food for kids that was the same quality as the rest of the menu, so that’s what we did. The Grilled Cheezy is made with brioche bread and New School American cheese, not processed cheese. The Chicken Tendies are made with fresh Jidori chicken breast and the Fishy Sticks feature fresh Alaskan halibutand changes seasonally.