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The Canadian based company has certainly made its mark in Summerlin as THE yoga and athleisure apparel company for where to snag your latest gear for working out and looking sharp. Here to share a few insights on the brand, what’s trending, and all things lulu are the leading ladies that manage the DTS store on the daily: Amy, Krislyn, Emily, Shaila and Paula. 

Q: Why do you love the lululemon brand/ company so much? 

Amy: I will be celebrating 13 years with lululemon in April – beginning my career at our Summerlin showroom off Charleston. Anyone remember this store? lululemon is a company with a firm foundation. Over the years my trust in this company has grown as I have seen it grow and adapt while keeping a core focus on their people. Along with that, I am still as obsessed with our quality products, energized by the team members who I get to work alongside and inspired by our personal development offerings.

Q: Favorite part about working at the DTS Summerlin location? 

Krislyn: I had the honor of supporting Amy to open the Downtown Summerlin lululemon location back in 2014 (our location will be #10 this year)! This store offers the best of the best when it comes to locations in Las Vegas; from the community of humans who shop with us weekly, to the high caliber events that draw new guests from around the valley. Let’s be real, Downtown Summerlin has it all. I can take a workout class to start my day, swing by Trader Joe’s to grab dinner ingredients or create a family fun Sunday with all that DTS has to offer. 

Q: What makes lululemon worth the splurge? EMILY

Emily: Quality is the heart of who we are – it shows up in our people, in our conversations, and of course – in our products! We stand behind the products we make, and we love building connections while educating and empowering our guests! 

Q: Hottest product for the spring season?

Shaila: Okay, we’re excited for this one. Are you ready?!

Later this month we are launching our first performance shoe designed for both women and men. It is our new BEYONDFEEL – designed for the runner, or walker, wanting a more cushioned experience. The premium cushioning of the Beyondfeel midsole, smooth liner of the upper, and confident traction of the outsole, give runners their most cushioned and comfortable run yet.

Q: Where’s your go-to to dine at DTS?

Amy: A core value of mine is fun which includes weekly date nights with my husband. We love to visit La Neta Cocina y Lounge when we are in the mood for tacos and fresh guacamole – add in a Tito’s on the rocks with some orange and let the fun begin.

Q: Best piece of advice for someone looking to invest in a killer pair of leggings?

Paula: The best piece of advice I could give you if you are looking to invest in a killer pair of leggings is, don’t walk – but run to our location for a fit session with one of our pant experts. Our team is eagerly waiting to share with you our array of pant fabrics and fits to have you leave with a pair that work best for your sweaty endeavor. Next time you are in, ask to try on a pair of pants in our Nulu fabric – the buttery soft fabric is perfect to feel confident and comfortable. 

Q: Top secret about the company or DTS location many might not know?

Emily: lululemon offers both men and women’s shoes! We launched our shoes in March 2022 and our DTS location can boast that we were the top selling store in the company. Since then, our excitement and love for our shoes has continued to grow as our footwear offerings continue to expand and evolve. The best part? We offer a 30-day wear on all our shoes. If they don’t work for you – bring them back and we’ll help you out! 

My favorite secret about our store is that we add fresh items to our markdown section every Wednesday evening giving our guest early access to items that are not yet marked down companywide!  

Q: March is Women’s History Month. What woman has inspired you the most?

Shaila: The woman in my life who I want to honor is my stepmom, Dr. Leslie Faulkner-Rose. 

She is the epitome of “age is only a number”, becoming a registered nurse while raising two children. Continuing her education, she received her Ph.D., leading to her working with both New Orleans, LA and Baton Rouge, LA DEA. And now as a grandmother of five and great-grandmother of one, she’s getting ready to pursue her medical doctorate degree. 

She is such an unstoppable force, and she does it all with grace, wearing the crowns of nurturer, support-system and giver of big-belly laughs.