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Trattoria Reggiano has been serving Las Vegas families for decades. The restaurant, which are locally owned and operated, source responsibly grown food for traditional Italian fare. All dishes are prepared with love from farm to table.

Be it a regular or first-timer, guests are treated like family and transported to Italy for a true street-side trattoria dining experience. Here to share a little more about the must-dine restaurant is Maria Bonanno, Director of Social Media and Marketing.

Maria Head Chef at Trattoria Reggiano

Q: What’s unique about Trattoria?  

            What I think is most unique about Trattoria Reggiano is that you can come to our restaurant for any occasion! For example, we have an extensive wine list that has some celebration bottles on our menu if you are looking to splurge, while on the other hand, you can bring your children and families to our restaurant for a family night out. Additionally, you could join us for a casual date night before or after catching the latest movies at the theatre next door. We welcome everyone at Trattoria like family!

Patio at Trattoria Reggiano

Q: Why did you pick Downtown Summerlin as your second Las Vegas location?  

            We picked Downtown Summerlin as our second Las Vegas location so we could have one of our restaurants close to home! Most of the restaurants in our company are located on the Las Vegas Strip, so when we had the opportunity to bring Trattoria Reggiano to Summerlin, Downtown Summerlin seemed like the perfect location to introduce the local community to our family’s Italian restaurant. It also is a major plus that we can always get delicious meals from our restaurants right down the street! 

Q: Describe your favorite dish?

            My favorite dish is our house-made Ricotta Gnocchi in Vodka Sauce with Crispy Prosciutto. Being originally from the East Coast, we always had a hard time finding delicious ricotta gnocchi here in Las Vegas, so we decided to make our own! I believe what makes this dish extra special is the use of ricotta cheese in our gnocchi, compared to commonly used potato gnocchi, because it gives a soft pillowy texture that when combined with our crispy prosciutto, you get the perfect bite.

Q: We hear there are Vegan options recently added?  

            Yes! My sister has been vegan for a few years now, so we wanted to have a more inclusive menu that everyone in the family can enjoy. Our Vegan Chick’n Parmigiana is a favorite amongst our vegan diners, and we also have a Vegan Margarita Pizza. It is exciting for us that we can offer our vegan customers a chance to try our Neapolitan pizzas by using vegan cheese products.

Q: Can you tell us about the exciting expansion for Bonanno’s and Trattoria at the property?

            Yes of course! Recently we had an amazing opportunity to move Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria, which is also owned by our family and neighbors Trattoria Reggiano, to a store front right across the street from our current pizzeria location in Downtown Summerlin. This will give us the opportunity to convert the pizzeria into our new concept Bonanno’s New York Pizza Kitchen, which includes so much more than just pizza and garlic knots. With Bonanno’s moving across the street, we have the opportunity to expand Trattoria Reggiano around the corner, giving us more room to add more tables, and even a private dining room for large parties and events.  

Q: Where do you go at DTS to source inspiration?

            When I am looking to source inspiration, I love to go check out other restaurants at DTS, especially in and around the Dining Arroyo area. Seeing the seasonal ingredients and menu items that other restaurants are using provides great inspiration for ways we can put an Italian twist on some holiday classics.

Q: Holiday dining is approaching. Anything special the restaurants will be preparing?

            As of right now, we don’t have anything specific planned for the holidays, but we do have a completely revamped cocktails list at Trattoria Reggiano, which is definitely worth checking out during the holiday season. We do tend to run weekend food specials and specialty cocktails throughout the holidays, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for announcements of food and drink specials during the season!

Q: Top selling pizza by the slice?  

            At Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria, our top selling slice usually is either cheese or pepperoni, but our Stromboli is one of our top sellers as well! Cheesy and full of either pepperoni, ham, sausage, or veggies, our Stromboli is a special menu item that is a must try for our pizzeria.

Q: What’s one thing you’d like to tell a foodie who has never been to your restaurants?

            One thing I would tell a foodie who has never been to Trattoria Reggiano would be to try the Olive Oil Cake on our dessert menu! A traditionally Italian dessert, Olive Oil Cake is a rare dessert menu item to find out here in Las Vegas, and it is a dessert that will surprise you! When most people hear Olive Oil Cake, they really don’t know what to expect, so with ours you can expect a delicious, sweet, and lemony flavored cake that isn’t too dense but is just the right texture to leave you wanting more.

            For a foodie who has never been to Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria, I would suggest trying one of our specialty pizzas like our Pulled Pork, Ranch & Jalapeño! The sweet pulled pork with a spicy kick from the jalapeño deliciously compliments the ranch on our classic cheese pizza pie.  

Q: Any tips for patrons that line the streets for DTS’s signature holiday parades? You have prime seating!

            The yearly DTS holiday parade brings in so much business for us every year, so we really look forward to it! I would say a few insider tips would be to grab an order of garlic knots or some slices to-go and take a seat right outside Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria if you’re looking for a snack while watching the parade. If you’re looking for some cocktails while you enjoy the show, we now have outdoor patio dining at Trattoria Reggiano (with heat lamps available!), so a table outside with a cocktail of choice is my ideal way to watch the parade!

Kitchen at Trattoria Reggiano