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“You’ve got mail,” was a real thing for Robert Glaser and LeeAnn Inadomi in the late 1990s when they were email pen pals after being introduced by a mutual friend.  LeeAnn, who was raised in South Pasadena, Calif. but was then living in Washington DC, enjoyed a busy and thriving career in politics after graduating from ULCA, eventually working for the Clinton administration for eight years. 

The Glasers Puppy

At the time she and Robert began trading emails, LeeAnn had left the political scene for a job with a major consulting firm. Robert, a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, had moved to Las Vegas in 1984 upon graduation from the University of Utah to begin working for Valley Bank before joining a wealth management firm where he is now vice president and senior director.   

This cross-country couple frequently met up in various cities throughout the country during their long-distance courtship before marrying in late 2001. They ultimately bought a home in Summerlin in 2002, the same home where they raised two children. Son, Noah, 18, is now a freshman at the University of Utah, while daughter, Emma, 17, is a senior at Bishop Gorman High School. Both kids are stellar athletes and as a result, sports have been central to the family’s life in Summerlin – specifically, baseball and volleyball.

Noah started out with the Summerlin North Little League before advancing to various club teams, and ultimately, Bishop Gorman’s varsity baseball team.  Emma, who enjoyed an eight-year stint with Nevada Ballet Theatre, followed her passion for volleyball and today, plays on Bishop Gorman’s varsity team, which won the state championships three times in the past four years. She has also played on Bishop Gorman’s flag football team for two years. 

Noah, 18

According to LeeAnn, both kids swam on the Summerlin Seals swim team as small children where they learned to compete. “The community’s many sports leagues, fields and recreational opportunities were not only difference makers – for Noah and Emma, Summerlin’s sports orientation was ideal. Their lives have been defined and enhanced by athletic competition,” she said. Robert concurs, and also gives Bishop Gorman a shout out for well preparing the kids academically for college and beyond.

The Glaser Daughter
Emma, 17

Robert, an avid cyclist who spends considerable time on the community’s award-winning trail system, enjoys a five-minute commute to work given his company’s 2016 move to One Summerlin in the heart of Downtown Summerlin. “It’s not hard to get clients and others to meet up for lunch at Downtown Summerlin, given all the dining options,” he said.  “Even for those who live on the other side of town, a trip to Downtown Summerlin is considered a welcome opportunity. And with a spectacular view of Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains, our clients appreciate our office location even more when they experience it.”

Both LeeAnn and Robert stay active by walking on the trails around their home, while LeeAnn enjoys the occasional Red Rock hike with girlfriends.  During the pandemic, the Glaser-Inadomi family added a new member to their clan.  Moose, a Cavalier Spaniel/Poodle aka CavaPoo, has easily made Lazy Dog the family’s go-to dining spot since their “pandemic puppy” can tag along.

As die-hard baseball fans, the family has missed Aviators games at Las Vegas Ballpark the most this past summer, and they are already looking forward to the team’s return next year. “Las Vegas Ballpark is a spectacular amenity and one that we are always proud to show off to visiting family and friends,” said Robert. “We can’t wait to hear the words, ‘Play Ball.’ It’s a big reason 2021 can’t get here soon enough!”  

The Glasers Family Photo