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What am I loving right now? This is a question I get asked alot as a lifestyle reporter and with every season comes new obsessions especially in the home decor category. Presently, this is a subject I am very invested in as I am redoing the interiors of my home from top to bottom. Here are my recommendations for eight must-haves.


Undoubtedly the color of the season, I can’t get enough of avocado. Whether it’s a mortar and pestle for actually making guacamole or if the color of the moment is brought in through drapes, blankets, lamps or other accents items, I say spread it everywhere.

Avocado bowl from Crate and Barrel
Crate and Barrel

Rose Gold Flatware

I spent five years looking for the perfect set of flatware. And once I finally decided to take the next step, I chose rose gold. To break out of the mold of traditional silverware and give the dining table next level flare the new normal is soft, rosy-toned knives and forks.

Blair Stainless Steel Flatwear from West Elm
Blair Stainless Steel Flatwear from West Elm

Modern Planters 

I do not have a green thumb—in fact, I have no track record of keeping plants alive in any way. However, during quarantine, I did catch greenery fever watching my friends rear beautiful foliage on their Instagram accounts. There is one essential everyone must have when going green: A modern vessel to showcase all that natural beauty.

Spun Metal Standing Planter from West Elm
Spun Metal Standing Planter from West Elm


Earlier this year, I bought my Pomeranian, Dart, a circular, off-white plush fur bed. I call it his “therapy bed” because when he jumps in and fluffs it up he looks so happy and relaxed. It has an instant calming effect. Plus, he is cream colored, and it acts as the perfect camouflage when he is hiding from me. I decided to make my own therapy bed and am coveting a plush fur duvet and pillow shams for the ultimate comfort after a long day.

Zuri Faux Fur Decorative Pillow from Macy's
Zuri Faux Fur Decorative Pillow from Macy’s

Refreshed Outdoor Accessories

Over the last couple of months, I started doing things I have never done before, like eating on my patio. It is a great way to have friends over for socially distanced socializing. As a result, I found it was time to refresh all my outdoor cushions and accessories and even invest in new candles, lights and pillows to really set the scene.

Tall Outdoor Lanterns from West Elm
Tall Outdoor Lanterns from West Elm

Coffee Cups

I will admit it, I was a chronic mismatched coffee cup collector. A souvenir here, a giveaway there, and it was a seriously unstylish scene in my cupboard. Since I love my morning coffee, it is time to get serious about my mugs and go with an upgraded uniform look. I’ll stay addicted to the beans and forgo hording cups.

Le Creuset Mug from Sur La Table
Le Creuset Mug from Sur La Table

At Home Barista 

In line with my new cups, I have started making coffee at home too, and because of this I invested in a fancy espresso maker. I prefer to go straight for the strong stuff and now I don’t have to leave home for it.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker from Dillard's
Cuisinart Coffee Maker from Dillard’s

Shelf Love

I live in a mid-century modern townhome, so I don’t have a lot of storage space in the kitchen or living room. I have grown to love streamlined shelving units as a way to showcase my kitschy collectibles and signed cookbooks from my favorite chefs. Now, if I actually cooked …sigh.

Walnut Shelf from Crate and Barrel
Walnut Shelf from Crate and Barrel

By Melinda Sheckells
Lifestyle journalist, editor and host of Shop Talk on KTNV

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