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Film actor, shark diver and mother of two sets of twins are just a few of the descriptors that make Pam Eichner a most fascinating Summerlin resident.  Two years ago, Eichner, along with her husband, Jonathan, and the couple’s 16-year-old twins, moved from their long-time home in Park City, Utah to Summerlin and haven’t looked back.

Pam Eichner’s kids with their grandmother

Accustomed to Park City’s magnificent mountain views and abundant wildlife, Eichner chose her home in The Ridges, in part, for its immediate access to the adjacent BLM wilderness area where she spends most mornings hiking and marveling at bunnies, lizards, birds and colorful blooming cacti. “We never grow tired of watching all the critters and flora and fauna from our backyard,” she said. “And, we love walking through our neighborhood at night.  With no light pollution, it’s incredibly peaceful and serene.”

From a family perspective, Eichner says Summerlin reminds her of Southern California, where she grew up in the 1970s.  “It’s kinder, gentler and everyone in the community has been so welcoming.”

Daughter, Sarah, is a second-degree black belt in Karate, while son, Matthew, plays baseball for Bishop Gorman High School where both attend school. Eichner says her twins are living their best lives at a top-notch school in a community that has provided them with many opportunities to advance their passions and their interests.  

Pam Eichner’s Headshot

Las Vegas Ballpark is a favorite summer outing for the Eichner family who praises the ease and convenience of getting in and out of the first-class stadium that also offers a first-rate experience. “Here, we can make a last-minute decision to go to the Ballpark and have a wonderful evening,” she said.  “In any other metro area, going to the Ballpark is an all-day commitment that requires significant advance planning.”  

Eichner, who has many Hallmark movies to her credit, travels frequently to Utah, a favorite locale for Hallmark and other Christian movies.  Given that summer is typically a busy filming season, Eichner jokes that she often spends the month of July wearing a down parka on sets embellished with artificial snow.  

A self-professed food snob, Eichner and her family are adventurous eaters and take advantage of Las Vegas’ rich culinary scene both on and off the Strip.  In Summerlin, Eichner family favorites include True Food Kitchen at Downtown Summerlin and Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen.

“Summerlin offers the best of two worlds,” said Eichner of the community’s proximity to nature and accessibility to the Strip and the Airport. The family travels often for the twins’ sporting events; she travels constantly for filming gigs and occasionally to Cape Town, South Africa, where her first set of twins, 30-somethings Andrew and Brian Chaplin, live and perform in their wildly successful international electro hop music band – Locnville.

In fact, it was Eichner’s previous and long-time residency in Cape Town where her passion for great white sharks was ignited decades ago. As an experience diver, she frequently participates with research crews, helping to tag sharks and secure biopsies for conservation studies. As a member of Fins Attached, she is committed to doing her part to keep the seas full of wildlife.

Just like the Japanese/Italian fusion fare Eichner craves, her life is a fusion of adventure, fun, fame and family.  And according to Eichner, herself, there is no better place for it than Summerlin.

Pam Eichner diving into the pool