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The hallmark Summerlin Festival of Arts returns to Downtown Summerlin® Oct. 13 – 15, marking its first-ever three-day event. We’ve asked two veteran participating artists– Mike Beals and Laurette O’Neil – their take on all things Festival of Arts, their FOA, their crafts and what to except from this year’s Festival.

Read on for a fresh perspective. And make sure to visit for all event details.

Mike Beals, Metalwork

Apply Valley, Utah

Q: Why Summerlin Festival of Arts to showcase your beautiful work?

The Summerlin team makes this festival effortless from load-in to load-out. The quality of the artists chosen to participate is top-notch. The location is beautiful, it’s outdoors, and the quality of buyers and guests who attend are amazing. They love art!  

Q: How many years have you participated in the Festival?

I have participated in the Summerlin Festival of Arts for approximately 14 years. I love it. It’s a top event.

Q: Let’s talk art. What’s your inspiration behind your metalwork?

My inspiration comes from knowing each piece I handcraft from the glass is unique – from the glass I make to the finishes and textures I apply. I believe my pieces become legacies for people and their families to enjoy for generations.  I use gongs that can be tuned to frequencies or musical notes.  I use bells as metaphors for life – passages of time, and a celebration of life. Ring the bell in the morning as a celebration of the day. Ring the bell in the evening as a thank you for the day, and never forget to enjoy the journey. My studio is above Zion National Park which inspires me each morning as I begin my own journey into art for the day. If you can think of any design in metal for indoors or outdoors, I can create that special one-of-a-kind piece just for you. 

Q: What can guests expect to see from you at this year’s event?

I have spent a great deal of time preparing for the Summerlin Festival of Arts. I strive to create pieces for all of those attending. From 15-foot contemporary outdoor designs incorporated with glass –  to an indoor 2-foot piece with 13 different designs. This year, I created windchime bells that are affordable for all those attending. They make a wonderful anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gifts. 

Q: Best piece of advice for someone looking to invest in one of creations?

I have 42 fine art galleries nationwide that showcase my work. In many of these galleries, interested art lovers contact me to collaborate on a unique piece which means they will own a truly one-of-a-kind treasure. I love making people happy, and I love sharing with them how my art is created. On many occasions, I will make a visit to the home to see first-hand the space and the elements to be considered before I begin creating a custom piece.

A piece from artist Mike Beals

Laurette O’Neil, Jewelry

Las Vegas, NV

Q: As a local artist, what does participating in the Summerlin Festival of Arts bring to you and your business?

My husband and partner and I have lived in Summerlin over 15 years.  The Summerlin Festival has given us a chance to see repeat customers and interact with them in a more social and intimate environment. The Festival also has strong foot traffic, it’s a great opportunity for us to meet new potential clients and build up our customer base.

Q: You’ve been one of our longest standing artists involved in the Summerlin Festival of Arts for over a decade – why?

It’s one of our favorite Festivals to attend! It’s always such a great representation of artists who show from so many different parts of the country. Networking is amazing! It’s a perfect fall event and one we are grateful to be a part of.

Q: Let’s talk jewelry. You and your husband have capitalized on your contemporary, custom jewelry. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Our focus is to keep our designs clean and simple. Timeless is our mantra. Something that transcends through trends and will always remain a staple.  Our work is contemporary but classic.  You can wear my designs with jeans and a simple tee-shirt or dress them up.

Q: Is there anything new or unique you will be showcasing at this year’s Festival?

We are always inventing new designs. This year, we have several new pieces debuting at the Summerlin Festival of Arts. It’s very exciting.

Q: What are you most looking forward to with this year’s event?

Seeing existing customers come to the event and support us is always a huge compliment. I’m thrilled this year is a three-day event. It gives us more time to interact with guests.

Q: Best piece of advice for someone looking to invest in quality jewelry?

Invest in quality. You can’t go wrong with a classic and well-made piece of jewelry.  I have repeat customers that have been wearing pieces that we created 10-15 years ago.

A piece from artist Laurette O’Neil