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When Summerlin resident and avid cyclist Marc Salvador grabs his backpack, it’s a signal to his poodle-mix, Winzig, that he is about to feel the breeze in his hair. That’s because Winzig is Salvador’s cycling sidekick who gets strapped to his back for rides  – often up to 40 or 50 miles in length.

Salvador, who lives in the village of Stonebridge, moved to Las Vegas decades ago from San Francisco to escape the high cost of living.  Lucky for him, Las Vegas, and Summerlin, in particular, is the perfect place to live life on two wheels. Salvador, who rides for fitness, cycles at least fives times weekly – usually with Winzig in tow. Just a few weeks ago, Salvador and Winzig rode in Tour de Summerlin, an event that Salvador has participated in since 2016.

Salvador first introduced Winzig to cycling when he was just over a year old. Winzig, now four, is Salvador’s veteran cycling partner who also loves going to Las Vegas Aviators games on select “Bark in the Park” nights at Las Vegas Ballpark. Salvador cited other Summerlin favorite locations as Lazy Dog at Downtown Summerlin and Eggworks near Trails Village Center – both dog-friendly restaurants that cater to two-legged types and their four-legged friends.  

Salvador and Winizig’s favorite route? Red Rock Canyon and the loop – with plenty of stops along the way.  

So, where did the name, Winzig, come from?  According to Salvador, it’s German for “tiny.”  “We were told Winzig would grow to be no more than 7 or 8 pounds when we got him as a very small puppy,” said Salvador. “Winzig is now topping the scale at 18 pounds so he’s not so “winzig” anymore!”

Marc and Winzig, just after they crossed the finish line at the 2023 Tour de Summerlin.