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Lucky for Summerlin, Orel Hershiser became a community resident about 15 years ago when he married wife, Dana, who was living and raising two children here. For the power couple, whose children are now all grown, Summerlin’s draw is its people.

“While the community has many great attributes, it’s our neighbors, our friends and the friendly folks we see out and about every day who make Summerlin what it is today,” said Orel. ‘We have so many great friends here who make our lives fun and full.”

Orel Hershiser and his wife Dana

The Hershisers, who previously lived near Palo Verde High School where Dana’s kids graduated, recently moved to the village of Stonebridge.  They were drawn to Richmond American’s Scots Pine neighborhood for its exceptional hilltop location, single-story floorplans and ability to customize their home to suit their lifestyle. Orel gives credit to Brian Wedewer, the Hershisers’ neighbor/real estate agent/best friend, for helping the family land at Scots Pine – a neighborhood they are already in love with. 

Working with popular Las Vegas interior designer Jill Abelman, the couple is nearly finished with all their personal touches, including converting a part of their kitchen to an area more suitable for entertaining and adding a conversation pit to the backyard – perfect for taking in stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip and beyond.    

The couple maintains dual residencies in LA and Summerlin, typically spending summers in Southern California for Orel’s job as the Dodgers’ full-time broadcast color analyst. With a storied 18-year career in Major League Baseball as a pitcher for the LA Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants and New York Mets, Orel knows a good ballpark when he sees one.

Orel Hershiser and wife Dana

“Las Vegas Ballpark is a wow,” he said. “It’s so great to have such an exceptional ballpark right here in Summerlin.  I, and everyone else I know, is looking forward to baseball’s return and spending some time there.” 

Other community “wows” for Orel include its cooler temperatures, its adjacency to Red Rock Canyon and Summerlin’s overall aesthetic.  “Everything here is well designed, the landscaping is well maintained, and Summerlin’s standards for cleanliness keep everything looking top notch. And that starts with pride.  Regardless of where you live in the community – an apartment or a mansion – it’s evident everyone here is proud to call Summerlin home.” 

If you’re a Pancho’s lover, you have Orel to thank.  A longtime fan of Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, Orel convinced the restaurant’s owner to consider a move to Downtown Summerlin. Today, Pancho’s is a popular and casual eatery for thousands of Summerlin families.

Orel jokes that with his distinctive name, it’s hard to stay too far under the radar.  “It’s obviously helpful when making a restaurant reservation,” he laughed. “But again, I am always so awed by the friendliness and graciousness of everyone I meet in Summerlin. This is a warm and inviting community.  Like everyone else we bump into here, Dana and I are proud to call it home.”

Orel Hershiser at Dodger Game