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Dr. Edward Spoon, a popular OB-GYN in Las Vegas knows a thing or two about family.  Having delivered more than 5,000 babies over the past 25 years, many of them at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, Dr. Spoon has made a career of helping families to grow.  In fact, he delivered the very first baby born at Summerlin Hospital the day it opened – October 16, 1997. Dr. Spoon remembers the community’s mascot, Summerlin Sam, showing up bearing gifts for the hospital’s first baby that celebratory day.   

Dr. Spoon and wife of 36 years, Susie, host a home-cooked family dinner every Tuesday night for immediate and extended family, which includes both Grandmas, along with the couple’s two adult daughters, their husbands, babies and four dogs.

The Spoon Family at Christmas
The Spoon Family

“Like clockwork, everyone knows to set Tuesday night aside as family night,” said Dr. Spoon. ‘It’s a tradition we all have come to cherish.  I miss about ten percent of those dinners because the babies I deliver can’t be scheduled, but fortunately, we live but a few minutes from the hospital, so it all works out,” he laughed.

Dr. Spoon, who moved from Reno to Las Vegas at age four in 1965 with his family, fondly recalls the days when he rode bicycles through the desert along the Strip and went shooting with his father where Summerlin now exists.

Susie, an Air Force “brat,” also grew up in Las Vegas after moving here with her family in 1970.  And while the couple attended rival high schools – Western and Bonanza, respectively – they didn’t meet until they both attended University of Nevada Reno as college students.  Susie has a long history as an educator and has taught at Faith Lutheran Academy in Summerlin for more than 10 years.

Married in 1984, the couple has two daughters who have followed in their footsteps.  Jordan, a dermatology physician assistant, practices in the valley; and Sydney, a dietitian, works at a Las Vegas hospital and has taught several nutrition courses at UNLV.  Both live in Summerlin with their husbands, Jordan Grangard and Phil Fetter, truly making the community a family affair.

And speaking of family, daughter Jordan and her husband welcomed identical twin daughters, Addison and Ella, on March 1, 2020 at Summerlin Hospital – with the help of Dr. Spoon aka Grand Papa. The couple and their twins are currently living at the Spoon home as their home in Summerlin’s Mesa Ridge neighborhood nears completion. 

Susie Spoon with her twin grand daughters
Addison and Ella with their grandmother Susie

“We love having our daughter and her adorable little family with us right now,” said Susie.  “Especially during the quarantine, it’s given us time to really focus on our grandbabies and lend a helping hand.  It’s been a really beautiful and positive experience.”

The Spoons, who live in the custom home they built in Canyon Fairways in 2002, say this is their forever home. “We love our view of the lush greenbelt with tennis courts and playgrounds that runs through our neighborhood and connects to TPC Las Vegas,” said Dr. Spoon. “While not huge golfers ourselves, we appreciate living near the golf course activity and the beauty it offers,” said Dr. Spoon.  “It’s semi-secluded but still feels part of the community.  We do all our shopping, banking and errand-running at the nearby Trails Village Center, so everything we need is just a short drive away.” 

“We have a busy, bustling house, and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Dr. Spoon.  “After all, family is everything.”  

Dr Ed Spoon and wife holding their grandkids