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Meet the woman behind the scenes of Summerlin’s master planning: Julie Cleaver, Senior Vice President, Commercial & Residential Planning.

Julie Cleaver, SVP, Commercial & Residential Planning

Number of Years with Howard Hughes: 18 years

Number of Years in the industry: 37 years

Describe your role and how it pertains to the community of Summerlin:

I set the vision for the development of our villages, open space, and amenities.  In doing that I am also responsible for how villages, neighborhoods and commercial centers are laid out, determining the alignment of major roadways throughout the community and establishing the design of village parks, streetscapes, arroyos and paseos that connect neighborhoods and villages to each other. Every day, I strive to create and finesse a framework of appropriate land uses, that when experienced, make sense and provide opportunities for residents to live, work, shop, learn, worship, play and gather in a place that reflects the beauty of the desert environment.  Building community in all of its diverse forms and enhancing property values as the lives of our residents is the ultimate goal.

Stonebridge Village in Summerlin

Accomplishments/statistics during current role:

I have worked closely with my Howard Hughes team and design consultants to plan and design 16 Summerlin villages in the 18 years I have been with the company. This includes Downtown Summerlin, which includes major projects like Las Vegas Ballpark, City National Arena, Class-A office buildings, luxury apartment communities – all in addition to the outdoor retail destination. So, while Downtown Summerlin is considered a village, it is on the scale of a mini -master planned community given its multiple uses and components. 

Any fun facts about Summerlin you would like to share?

In the past 8 years we have added 100 acres of native plant materials to our open spaces, parks, golf courses, and streetscapes, harvested from our own land.

What is your favorite part of Summerlin?

It is the design of the community and how, as we have matured, we have embraced Summerlin’s incredible natural surroundings through the use of colors and materials on homes, offices, retail centers, houses of worship and schools – to create a strong sense of place for the community.