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Meet the woman behind the scenes of Summerlin’s land sales: Rachel Lyons, Assistant Director of Escrow & Contracts.

Rachel Lyons, Assistant Director of Escrow & Contracts

Number of Years with Howard Hughes: 26 years

Number of Years in the industry: 26 years

Describe your role and how it pertains to the community of Summerlin:

I consider myself a “dirt nerd,” passionate about home development. I am the company’s liaison between homebuilders and the land sales department, helping to bring to fruition contracts that have facilitated the development of tens of thousands of homes. I am also the company’s go-to source for data and reports relative to valley homebuilders, so I am also a “spread sheet,” nerd – another title I proudly wear!

Accomplishments/statistics during current role:

During my tenure at Summerlin, I have helped to successfully execute hundreds of millions of dollars in land sale contracts to homebuilders, facilitating the community’s ongoing growth. I currently work with ten homebuilders, simultaneously managing complex negotiations with each and facilitating communications with The Howard Hughes Corporation’s various departments, including legal, marketing, planning, finance, engineering and management. My job is to build a collaborative relationship with each homebuilder and serve as their primary point of contact.

Any fun facts about Summerlin you would like to share?

Back when we were developing The Willows, the village seemed to be out in the “middle of nowhere.’ We had no development occurring between Charleston north and Sahara Avenue. I remember potential residents felt it was so far away, so at that time, we built the Summerlin Homefinding Center to assist in sales. It is such a fond memory and fun (if you’re a dirt nerd) to think of how far we’ve come since then.

What is your favorite part of Summerlin?

When I first started working for Howard Hughes Corporation in Summerlin, I made sure to never take the view for granted. I love the drive to Summerlin from the Summerlin Parkway. Other than the view, I love the mature landscaping of The Trails village and the beautiful Cliffs village with its rolling hills. Summerlin, to me, ever after all these years, is still magical.