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School is back in session!

Here are some great back-to-school tips for high schoolers (and their parents) from Michele Brown, Counselor Department Chair, Palo Verde High School. 

  1. Start small with school supplies until you’re told what you need. Each teacher will provide a list of exactly what is needed for their class.
  2. Attend any orientation offered BEFORE school starts or go on the school website to learn the lay of the land, i.e. where’s the cafeteria, the gym, the library?
  3. Visit the school website. Familiarize yourself with school policies, dress codes, discipline, and attendance procedures.
  4. Note the start and end times for your particular school as they can vary from school to school.
  5. Set up a study area in the home free of distractions and commit to using it.
  6. Develop a routine of studying. 
  7. Organizers are a must. 
  8. If on a block schedule, get one backpack for “A” and a different color one for “B” days.
  9. Develop short-term and long-term realistic goals. Aim for improvement not perfection.
  10. Learn what clubs and sports are available and prepare to be involved. 

And here are a few for parents!

  1. Look up zoning at and be sure your child is zoned for the school. 
  2. Hovering parents should ease up. Less attached parents should hover more.

Thanks to Michele Brown for the great high school tips!  Hoping all Summerlin high schoolers have an amazing year!