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Anyone who loves sports knows the place to go for merch is Sports Town USA. The local retailer boasts the strongest assortment of team gear for men, women and kids from the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and more! Here to share a few insights on where to grab your Super Bowl 2024 gear is Steve Zurita, owner of Sports Town USA. 

You opened Sports Town USA at Downtown Summerlin before sports in Vegas exploded. How has your business evolved?   

A: It’s grown from a small shop to a strong name in the local community. We are still growing, but I couldn’t be more pleased with how far we’ve come. 

How are you preparing Super Bowl at Sports Town? 

A: It’s a busy time – which I’m super grateful for. We have brought in a strong mix of merchandise for every fan base. Whether you are going to the game, tailgating or watching it at home, we’ve got your Super Bowl gear covered. 

Are you selling any special Super Bowl merch? 

A: Yes! We really try to bring in unique apparel such as shirts and jackets, novelties like shot glasses, lanyards, pennant banners, even a helmet to put your snacks in. There is something for everyone. 

Top selling item in the store? 

A: That’s a hard one. All remaining NFL teams currently in the playoffs is obviously at the top of the buying list, along with NHL teams — with our Vegas Golden Knights leading the pack, of course.  

Why did you select DTS to open Sports Town USA? 

A: It appealed to me for a variety of different reasons. It was a new shopping destination that had more than just retail — I loved that. And you can’t get better than in the heart of the Summerlin community. It’s been a game changer for growing our business and customer base.  

Who’s your favorite sports team/athlete? 

A: If I had to pick one, it would definitely be the Vegas Golden Knights! 

When not at Sports Town, where’s your go-to at DTS? 

A: Anywhere with good food! Downtown Summerlin has an amazing list of eateries. My top favorites are SkinnyFats, Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill, Maggiano’s Little Italy

Anything big planned for 2024 you want to share? 

Our goal has remained the same since we opened. To continue to strive to bring in a unique selection of products and apparel to create a merchandise mix for our sports-centric customers that can’t be beat.