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Tell us about your career at Taylor Morrison:

I’ve been with Taylor Morrison for nearly six years, starting as a regional chief financial officer and I became Mountain Area President in February 2020. It’s been an adventure, and I am extremely grateful to be a part of a dynamic company with forward thinkers and a commitment to social responsibility. 

Ricarda Dietsch with Taylor Morrison

I started my career in homebuilding as an assistant controller in Sun City West with Del Webb where I briefly worked with Sheryl Palmer, who is now the CEO of Taylor Morrison. My career progressed with another home builder, and I eventually stepped into the role of regional CFO and Division President with Taylor Morrison in Texas and Colorado. Operating in several markets and consumer segments while moving through various roles over the course of my career has been incredibly rewarding and has prepared me for my current role.    

Did you always have your sights on securing this job?  How did you set yourself apart to climb the ladder and shatter the glass ceiling? 

I grew up in East Germany in an environment where all women worked and childcare was provided, so I was, quite frankly, unaware of any glass ceiling until much later in my career. My early days as a competitive athlete taught me hard work and being a good teammate with a high standard for excellence. Title has never been important to me. The diversity of thought and authenticity along with our leader’s willingness to listen to better ways of doing things has provided an incredibly rewarding environment for me and has allowed me to grow into my current role. 

As for setting myself apart, I’ve worked for various managers, some of whom have told me that I’m too direct and need to soften my approach, and, once I did, someone else told me to be more direct. What I ultimately learned is that there are just different leadership styles and people get things done differently. You’ve got to stay true to yourself because what works for one person might not be for you.

What’s a fun fact about you that everyone should know? 

At the age of 14, I began attending an Olympic boarding school for kayak racing and ultimately thought that I would become a coach. However, when the Berlin Wall came down, I knew it was time for me to cross the ocean and chase my version of a dream, which is being a leader for one of the nation’s largest home builder and developers. 

What are you most proud of in terms of your career and your success? 

I’d probably call it fulfillment rather than pride. I am grateful to have the opportunity to lead a team of incredibly dedicated and talented employees who want to see us succeed. I believe Taylor Morrison, under Sheryl’s leadership is a beacon in this homebuilding industry and want to see our organization succeed for years to come.

What advice would you share with young women starting a career in the homebuilding industry?

Most women I’ve met throughout my career didn’t think of themselves as “women in a male-dominated field” when they entered the industry. They chose the field because they were passionate about the work they were doing. The advice I’d give any woman considering a career in construction is do your homework on the company and leader you are going to work for. If you get those right, you can have a wonderful career and live a life with purpose while building the American dream for the families you serve.

What do you personally love about Summerlin or Downtown Summerlin?  Favorite restaurants? 

Visiting Downtown Summerlin is always a treat. I enjoy staying at Red Rock Casino near our Las Vegas division office located in the heart of Downtown Summerlin. Lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s Player’s Locker is always a treat and it’s great that there is so much to offer within walking distance. You can grab groceries at Trader Joe’s, go shopping at Dillard’s, and spend the evening at a baseball game. It’s fabulous! Also the new bakery Benyeh is delicious and we have partnered with them for a few of our Summerlin grand openings. We love supporting nearby businesses.  

How long has Taylor Morrison been building in Summerlin?  

Taylor Morrison acquired William Lyon Homes in February 2020 which resulted in the entry into the Las Vegas market. Since the acquisition, we’ve seen exciting growth throughout all of our communities, including those in Summerlin. We currently have four neighborhoods in Summerlin ranging from gorgeous townhomes to single-story living, providing an option for anyone who is considering making Summerlin their home. We also have a new community coming to the area soon with sales beginning in late May.

Why does Taylor Morrison choose to build in Summerlin? 

Summerlin is an amazing community, and it has been such a rewarding experience to watch Taylor Morrison grow its presence here. Ever since we started building in Nevada, we have continued to see a high demand for homes in this gorgeous master planned community nestled against the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon. Summerlin’s recognition as one of the top-ranked master plans in the United States with over 250 parks, more than two dozen schools, golf courses and Howard Hughes’ impeccable execution create wonderful alignment with the Taylor Morrison brand.

What sets Taylor Morrison apart from other local homebuilders? 

Searching for and building a new home can be a very stressful process and our team at Taylor Morrison recognizes that. For six years in a row, Taylor Morrison has been recognized by Lifestory Research as America’s Most Trusted® Home Builder, a recognition that we are deeply proud of. Our goal is to provide individuals and families with a beautiful new home that fits their current life stage, budget and needs and make the homebuilding process as seamless as possible.